Savannah Balaban

Case Manager

From the time you call until you are better and your account is closed, I am the one who will make sure your experience is great and your account is accurate.  I can help you figure out your best value.  Sometimes it is using your insurance, sometimes it is not.  You can ask me any question, if I don't know the answer - I will find it!

Office Manager

I handle the day to day needs of the office.  This place can be busy.  Someone has to keep an eye on things and make sure everything is going to plan.  I love making sure you love this place.

Who I am

Evergreen has become more than just a work place to me. Once joining the Evergreen Staff in 2016 my life has changed for the better in more ways than one. Through my own corrective care plan and maintenance, I have been able to decrease the amount of migraines I get and feel better when working out and focusing on my studies. 

Being apart of the team has been a blessing to myself but also to all the wonderful patients we have helped so far. I look forward to continuing my education in college and in my work to better help people. 

Seeing the sparkle come back in our patient’s eyes when they start living a pain free life is what motivates me to be here for you all. Helping as many people as possible through the holistic approach of chiropractic is something that ever human deserves to be blessed with.