“Making Healthcare Complete, Accessible & Affordable for the Whole Family”

Healthcare Providers

Dr. William C Bond


Director of Clinical Services

Functional Medicine

"I am dedicated to assist others to find and obtain balance and optimal function in their life to whatever level they want to explore. The journey is exciting."


Danielle Sutton, MSN, NP-C


Primary Family, Functional, and Physical Medicine  

"I love teaching, and bringing my teaching role into physical medicine is essential to health and overall wellbeing."

 Primary Family, Functional, and Physical Medicine  


Dr. Jonathan Peterson


Chiropractic and Rehab Services

 "I enthusiastically enjoy serving patients to become pain free and achieve their optimal health goals."


Steven Robinson, MSN NP-C


Primary Family, Functional, and Physical Medicine 

Steven specializes in primary health and prevention with an emphasis on Integrative Functional Medicine while providing a wide range of anti-aging and aesthetic services. 


Joni Diagaum, MSN NP-C


Primary Family, Functional, and Physical Medicine  

Amy Hublou, LMFT


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"My work focuses on healing all forms of emotional trauma."


Jason Rogers, PT SCS


Physical Therapy

LeAnne Lacombe, Med/PT Aide


"I have always loved helping people, even when I was little. It is something that makes me happy! Seeing people grow and move closer to their goals is an incredible thing to be part of."


Brielle Coronado, LMT


Licensed Massage Therapist

It is my passion to help others restore peace throughout their bodies and massage is how I get it done!


Melanie Sherer, LMT


Licensed Massage Therapist

Client Services


Kailey Murphy - Front Desk Coordinator

I am probably the first person you will talk to.  My job is to keep your care running smoothly and enjoyably. 


Larry Leach - Director of Public Relations

Most Americans seek both alternative and traditional healthcare when they experience a health problem.  The struggle is, it is not coordinated very well.  Integrated healthcare is the solution.  When healthcare providers  work together in one place it is better, quicker, and less expensive.  From childhood illness to chronic auto-immunity we can help your body function at a higher level.

Executive Management


Dr Matthew Hales - Executive Director

 I understand how incredible our modern medical system can be, but more importantly, I know I never want to be in great need of it! Taking care of oneself is much easier and less expensive than waiting for a crisis. 


Savannah Balaban - Office/Case Manager

Being apart of the Evergreen team has been a blessing and I enjoy meeting all the wonderful people we get to help everyday. Chiropractic is something that every human deserves to be blessed with and I look forward to sharing it with you one day soon!  


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