The Science of creating better health

How it works

What is Functional Medicine? 

Functional Medicine addresses symptoms by treating the system that is causing them. It looks at symptoms and asks, "What is the body telling us?"

Why Functional Medicine?

We generally see patients in four categories:

  • Wellness - maintaining good health to avoid or minimize future health issues, and catching potential health issues early
  • Post-Crisis - after an illness or trauma, in an effort to rebuild and bring balance back to the body
  • Chronic Health Conditions - to stabilize or improve a known condition, with a goal or not having to take medication for life
  • Mystery Illnesses / Feeling Crummy - when you know something isn't right but no one can tell you exactly why. Because Functional Medicine helps your system function as well as possible, it can help you improve even without a precise diagnosis.

How long is a visit?

Your first visit will take about an hour.  We will work with you to build a strategy to help you accomplish your goals. From that point forward, each individual plan is unique and tailored your needs.

Does insurance cover Functional Medicine?

Due to its restorative nature Functional Medicine may not be covered by your health insurance policy.  We provide a FREE insurance evaluation on your first to see what may be covered and what isn't.  Our initial consultations are FREE if you would like to just come in and visit about your situation.

We offer flat-rate Functional Medicine Care

Schedule a free assessment with Dr Bond to see if it is appropriate for your case.

What it helps

Fibromyalgia • Migraines • Chronic inflammation  • Auto-immunity • Digestive complaints • Poor immune system • Weight loss • Hormones • Low energy • much more  

You often lose your health due to toxicity, digestion, emotional difficulties, and physical obstacles. 

Functional medicine works to identify these imbalances. It confirms the results with standard medical tests as well as advanced diagnostics.

Dr. William Bond


Functional Medicine asks the question, "What is the cause, and what can we do about it?" It is sustainable healthcare because it builds your health rather than manipulating it. Consider Functional Medicine for serious health problems as well as proactive care.  

Schedule a FREE consultation to see if Functional Medicine is right for you.

Whole Body Detoxification


We offer a free consultation to help you gain information on the benefits of a very specific type of cellular detoxification. 

Call to schedule with Dr. Bond - 208-895-8595

Not sure if you are a good candidate?

We are an integrative medical office, which means we provide the best of many types of care. We recommend starting with a FREE consultation. We will discuss your concerns with you and decide if Functional Medicine is your best course of action.

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