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Walk-in Chiropractic

$29 Initial Visit / $40 Visits... or less

No Appointment Necessary

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3 Great Options for Chiropractic Care


1. Per Visit Option

A single visit to our Chiropractor for an adjustment is $40.  You can receive this care as needed or included in a more comprehensive plan.  You can receive an adjustment by itself or in conjunction with other services.  

In most cases, insurance will participate and Evergreen Physical Medicine is in network with most insurance providers.

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2. Our 12 Visit Package

When you bundle your visits, you can save.  Purchasing 12 visits at one time, as a package saves you 25%.  This is a great option for you if you don't have an insurance benefit that meets your need.  

You can call us at 208-895-8595 if you would like more info, or go to the link below.

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3. Foundations of Health (Membership)

 Routine wellness care is a foundation for great physical health.  For someone who wants quality chiropractic care as a part of a wellness lifestyle, a Foundations of Health membership may be your best value.

Monthly membership of $69 includes:

  • Up to 4 adjustments a month.
  • Additional adjustments $10.
  • Kids even less!

Membership info

Chiropractic for great health

How it works


Ever wished that your chiropractor and your medical provider worked together better?

All of our providers work and consult together so you don't have to wish anymore.

Our chiropractic providers are in-network with most insurance companies, but we also have great direct access plans for those who do not wish to utilize insurance. 

Chiropractic can:

· Reduce or eliminate pain in the back and neck

· Restore and maintain proper function, performance, and posture

· Greatly lower medical expenses for your family

· Reduce or eliminate headaches

· Improve organ function, such as digestion or stress adaptation

· Improve experience during pregnancy

· Stimulate the immune system

· Improve feelings of well-being and mood.

· …much more

Chiropractic can be included with any care provide in our facility.

Why it works


Chiropractic works by restoring proper function to the spine and joints. This process removes obstacles to the nervous systems ability to ‘get it done’. 

In short, chiropractic improves your body’s function and with that, its own natural healing abilities. 

Many symptoms you feel are simply warning signs that something needs to be fixed. Covering it up with medication can be a harmful decision. Naturally correcting the imbalance restores health and feeling good.

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Dr. Jon Peterson - Director of Chiropractic and Rehab


 "I enthusiastically enjoy serving patients to become pain free and achieve their optimal health goals." 

More about Dr. Peterson

Dr. Matthew Hales - Executive Director


"Dr. Peterson is my family's chiropractor.  Even though I can take care of them myself, I prefer to have another professional involved who can see what I am too close to see."

Headaches for 9 months


I was experiencing painful headaches everyday for 9 months.  But since I have been coming to Evergreen Physical Medicine, I have had NO headaches what so ever!  Bonface O., Kuna ID

Thanks EPM for your help/support/partnership!


 "In the short time I’ve been partnering with Evergreen Physical Medicine, I have full mobility in my neck, hormones are balanced much better, and have only had ONE migraine! This last one is huge for me as I was averaging 2-3 per month."  Theresa S., Meridian ID

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