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What is Integrative Healthcare?

Most Americans seek both alternative and traditional healthcare when they experience a health problem.  The struggle is, it is not coordinated very well.  Integrative healthcare is the solution.  When healthcare providers  work together in one place it is better, quicker, and less expensive.  From childhood illness to chronic auto-immunity we can help your body function at a higher level.

Our Mission

We believe your natural state is healthy and energetic!  We provide sustainable healthcare coordinated by a team of complimentary professionals. This is an integrated, unique, and high-quality healthcare experience.  Working together with a plan gets you better faster and for less money.

What can we help you with?


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Back Pain * Chronic Pain  *  Fibromyalgia  *  Auto-Immunity  *  Diabetes  *  Hormones  *   Stem Cell Therapy  *  Detoxification  *  Headaches  *  Fatigue  *  Disc Injury  *  Weight Loss *  Hypertension  *  Gene Testing  *  Ear Infections  *  More...

Working together to achieve sustainable 'health' care


With 50 years of combined experience, our team creates a custom recovery plan that's right for you and your family.  It is important to get to what creates great health and educating you on the most effective ways to take care of your body, so that you can heal quickly.  Sustainable health and medical care, means it meets your family's needs more efficiently and more cost effectively.  It also never steals from one part of your health to support another. 


Medical Care Combined with Chiropractic


Back Pain Reduction

Ozone Therapy


Effects on Your Body

"Life Changing"

Theresa S. -Merdian ID


"In the short time I’ve been partnering with Evergreen Physical Medicine, I have full mobility in my neck, hormones are balanced much better, and have only had ONE migraine! This last one is huge for me as I was averaging 2-3 per month. 

Migraines that stop my life for up to two days each time they hit. Being a mom who works full-time outside of the home and who is extremely active athletically, this has meant regaining control over my life – not having migraines control it. Not having to ask my son to speak quietly. Not cancelling workouts. Not missing time at work. 

Migraines have been such a huge part of my life (started getting them around 10 years old) and no amount of visits to health professionals in the past have even made a dent. Working with Dr. Bond, Dr. Peterson, and NP Danielle has been (literally) life changing for me. Thanks EPM for your help/support/partnership!"


"I didn't think I would get it turned around"

Toby M. -Meridian

I first started my treatments the fall of 2018, I was in fairly consistent pain at my left shoulder and neck, with my left hand and forearm going numb regularly. I didn't think we would ever get things turned around and feeling normal again. 

I was looking for a complete approach to my situation, not just a "quick fix",...  I found that complete, whole person approach to wellness at Evergreen Physical medicine.  All the doctors and staff have been great to work with and so helpful in laying out a good treatment plan to get me not just feeling better, but truly better. Thank you all for your help. 

...The pain is gone, and the numbness has left as well. I feel good and am improving range of motion in my shoulders and am excited to not have that nagging pain and numbness any longer.

I highly recommend you guys to anyone...

Thank you all again and look forward to continued complete health and wellness!

See you again soon,



"No Headaches"

Bonface O. -Kuna ID

"I was experiencing painful headaches everyday for 9 months.  But since I have been coming to Evergreen Physical Medicine, I have had NO headaches what so ever!"


Coordinated Care

Fixed a 40-year old problem

"My back and neck are much, much better.  Dr. Hales fixed a 40-year old problem I had from when I fell off a skateboard as a kid."  -Larry C., Meridian ID

Daily headaches for months

"I came in because I was having constant daily headaches for months.  Now, my headaches have decreased and I have a better attitude because I feel better!"  -Cassy S., Meridian ID

What is your plan?  Is it sustainable?  Is it coordinated?

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